About Us

The Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) through a circular dated 28th August, 2020, approved the establishment of a Service Innovation Department in the OHCSF and Service Innovation Divisions across MDAs to initiate, plan, implement and co-ordinate innovation programmes service-wide, so as to reduce wastages and costs in government business and boost revenue generation.
The public sector has traditionally been viewed as grossly lagging behind in terms of innovation when compared with the organized private sector of the economy. However, in recent years, public sector innovation has been increasingly regarded as a central factor to sustain a high-level performance and quality service delivery especially in the Federal Civil Service which is the engine room for economic growth and development. Innovation have been beneficial to the public service as witness in the area of digitalization of government processes, IPPIS, ECM, ARS, Enterprise Office Space Management Software (eOSMS) etc.

Our Aim
    In line with Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan FCSSIP2025 – the key goals and objectives of creating innovation culture in the public sector were to:
    i. increase service efficiency/productivity;
    ii. minimize costs of governance and increase revenue generation;
    iii.maintain competitiveness in the global economy;
    iv. enhance the ability of the public sector to adapt to changing environments which may be legislative, technological, social, economic; and
    v. improve performance and increase public sector value.


Dr. Magdalene N. Ajani (Permanent Secretary)
NNEJI NKIRU (Director)